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Drive Smarter with Honda LaneWatch

At Frank Leta Honda, we know that driving, while a necessity, can often times be dangerous. The more eyes we can have on the road the better. Unfortunately, though, none of us have eyes in the back of our head. 

So, Honda thought about this and came up with a solution: Honda LaneWatch. Check out the video below to learn about this feature. Interested in getting yourself into a car with this functionality? Stop by…

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Explaining ECON


It’s that mysterious green button on your dash with those four letters: E-C-O-N. What does it mean? What happens when I push it? When should I push it? In case you have been asking yourself any of these questions, I thought I would break it down for you so that you may use this button to your benefit. Read on…

Q. What does ECON stand for? 

A. The ECON button, as you probably assumed, stands for…

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"Model Year End Sale!"...But What Does It Really Mean?

So often you drive by a car dealership or see a commercial on TV shouting about their model year end sale happening. They'll say, "X amount of dollars off MSRP" and "Lease for only $80 a month", but what does that really mean? 

I find myself asking, "What does MSRP stand for?" and "Can I really lease that car for only $80 a month? There must be strings attached." To break it down for you, I'll use an example from our own Model Year End Sale here at Frank Leta Honda


As you can see above, the 2015…
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