Enjoy Miles of Adventure With a New Honda Lease

February 13th, 2017 by


Here at Frank Leta Honda, we understand that you need to get from destination to destination with ease. That’s why many O’Fallon, Missouri drivers turn to an auto loan or lease to get behind the wheel of reliable daily transportation. Whether you keep to the streets of our community or venture out of state, we believe our wide range of Honda SUV and car models are up for the challenge! If you often crave that captivating new car scent or like to stay current with automotive innovations, a new Honda lease could be a good option for you.

Our Honda lease solutions allow you to explore the benefits of driving a Honda truck, car, minivan, or SUV for a pre-determined time. At the conclusion of your Honda lease, you will not need to find a new buyer for your model. Simply turn it back in at the dealership or purchase the vehicle! This option may also enable you to make lower monthly payments than a conventional auto financing plan, and you can still enjoy the protection of a warranty. However, leasing a Honda does not enable you to build ownership equity in your vehicle and you will need to stay vigilant that you do not exceed the mileage requirements listed in your lease to avoid excess mileage fees.

If you are interested in leasing a Honda or learning more about the auto financing options available to you, we encourage you to stop by our Honda Finance Center! Our Honda sales team is eager to guide you through our inventory so you can select your ideal Honda for sale in O’Fallon, MO!

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