Frank Leta Charitable Foundation of St. Louis Donates Car: Robert, St. Patrick Center

December 18th, 2016 by

Frank Leta Charitable Foundation Donates Vehicle to St. Patrick Center Client in the St Louis Community

Through our relationship with the St. Patrick Center, we learn of many of their wonderful clients. We recently heard about Robert, who is an army veteran and graduated from a program through the St. Patrick Center. This specific program helps homeless veterans get back on their feet and find steady employment.

It was clear from the moment we met Robert that he was the type of person to fill a room with joy when he entered. His smile and gracious attitude were contagious.

We knew we wanted to help Robert in any way we could. After 5 years of homelessness and graduating from St. Patrick Center’s program, Robert landed a steady job. The only problem was: Robert didn’t have dependable transportation to travel to and from that job.

We were so proud of everything Robert overcame and thankful for his service to our country, so we decided to find the perfect vehicle for Robert and donate it to him. You can watch the moment he received the vehicle below!