Meet Our Employee of the Month: Emma Rutledge

October 13th, 2018 by

If you’ve done your homework and read our online reviews prior to coming into the dealership, you’ll see that this girl’s name is a consistent theme throughout them: her customers love her! That–in combination with the fact that she constantly brings a positive energy and friendly smile to work everyday–is the reason why Emma Rutledge is our October employee of the month!

If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Emma face-to-face, this Q&A is the next best thing!

Q. How long have you worked in the automotive industry? 

A. “Five months.”

Q. What made you choose to work for Frank Leta?

A. “I chose Frank Leta Honda because I previously bought a vehicle from here and loved the experience.”

Q. Name one thing you can’t get through your workday without. 

A. “Coffee!”

Q. What are the three most important things in life to you?

A. “Family, friends, and good times.”

Q. You’re on your lunch break and can eat at any restaurant in St. Louis–where would you go? 

A. “Rigazzi’s on The Hill.”

Q. What’s your favorite thing to hear from a customer? 

A. “‘Want to go on a date with my son?'”

Q. You have a free Saturday–what do you spend it doing? 

A. “Ideally I’d spend it boating!”

Q. Finish this sentence: “If I wasn’t working in the automotive industry, I would be doing ______________”. 

A. “I would be in the marketing industry.”

Q. What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?  

A. “I’m a cancer survivor.”

Congratulations on being named employee of the month, Emma! Want to get to know us more? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!