My (Husband’s) Leasing Experience

June 3rd, 2016 by

Courtney Says

If you follow our Frank Leta Acura blog in addition to this one, you know that I recently leased a 2016 RDX. So, how on earth can I write a blog about my experience leasing a Honda?? Well, I can’t.

However, my husband can! Shortly after I leased my RDX, my husband’s lease on his current vehicle ran up, and it was time for him to get into another car. I told him about the new SIMPLE process at Frank Leta Honda, and suggested he check it out.

So, here’s where I pass the pen (or keyboard) to the hubby to let him share his recent leasing experience…

“If there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on, it’s that very few of us look forward to change.

So, when the time came to move on from my 2013 CR-V, I wasn’t exactly excited about swapping vehicles. I looked forward to driving around in a brand new ride (that “new car” smell…sign me up!), but the process of buying a new vehicle and turning in an old one has been tedious and confusing in my experience.

Still, my lease maturity date approached, so I made an appointment at Frank Leta Honda to make the exchange. Having had a good experience leasing my 2013 CR-V (my first leased vehicle) there, I was confident they’d make the task as painless as possible.

I was right.

When I stepped into the dealership, the woman working the front desk greeted me, offered me a drink, and called Loretta, the person I was there to meet. After a quick walk-around assessment of my CR-V, Loretta crunched numbers on her tablet and told me I’d built up a few hundred dollars of lease equity, effectively meaning my car was worth more than the price it’d cost to buy it out. That’s money to apply to my new ride. Great!

I took a seat at Loretta’s desk, and we were off to the races to find a new vehicle. She asked about my driving habits and vehicle needs so she could match me up with the right car. We landed on a 2016 CR-V (I’m predictable, I suppose), selected a trim package, and were thrilled to discover the dealership had one in stock. As a bonus, Loretta was able to keep my monthly payment within twenty bucks of my previous car payment!

We then walked over to sign paperwork with the finance person, and that was that.

Leasing Experience

I’m hardly an expert on the auto industry, but I’m an expert at having been frustrated by the car buying experience. I’m used to being handed off from employee to employee at a car dealership until I’m not even sure what I’m there to do any more. The fact that I drove away in a new car with an almost identical monthly payment, having never been handed off as a customer through the entire experience is incredible.

Anyone who knows a bit about how car dealerships work will tell you that any dealer will sell you a given car for the same price as the dealer down the street. So, what makes the difference from dealer to dealer? Service.

If the process of turning in my old car and driving away with a new one is as smooth as it was in my experience at Frank Leta Honda, I’ll be a customer the next time around as well. See you in three years!”

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