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Do you know the feeling of having a million questions, preparing yourself to ask them, and then somehow forgetting them all in the moment? This phenomenon is incredibly common, especially when you’re shopping for your next used vehicle. If this has happened to you, don’t worry. Our Honda dealership serving St. Peters is here with a list of questions you can bring along on your next dealership visit.

Questions St. Peters Area Drivers Should Ask When Buying A Used Car

Bring this list of questions along when you’re shopping for a used car and check them off as soon as they’re answered. You’ll be the most informed buyer on the lot!:

1. Do you have a Carfax on hand? Carfax reports reveal important information about the car’s history. This will let you know the car’s odometer reading, the existence of a branded title, and past registration.

2. Has it ever been repainted? There’s a lot that goes into repainting, and it may add value to the car. This is an important point to note.

3. Do the windows, lights, wipers, and locks work? Definitely ask this one. You don’t want to drive off the lot without asking this one and find that your window is stuck and you can’t turn on your windshield wipers!

4. Does the vehicle leak any fluids such as oil, antifreeze, or any essential fluid? If fluid does happen to leak from the vehicle, the dealership should take care of the problem before a purchase is made.

5. If it hasn’t already, will the car pass safety and emissions? This inspection ensures that the car is safe to drive. You can hit the road after you’ve checked to make sure the car is running properly and doesn’t emit more pollution than is legally allowed.

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Armed with this list of questions, you’ll get the answers you need in no time. Find the used car for you today and contact us at our St. Peters area Honda dealership.

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