Summer Vs. Winter: Gasoline

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Summer Vs. Winter: Gasoline

Do you ever think about gasoline? I mean, beyond the occasional oh-shoot-my-gas-light-is-on thoughts? I hadn’t either, until I found out the gasoline we put into our tanks is different in the summer than the gasoline we pump in the winter.

I got the rundown from our assistant service manager, Paul (who could just as easily work as a stand up comedian, in my opinion). Allow me to break it down for you via his words…

Gasoline formulation is all about emissions. The outside temperature is a big player here because the colder atmosphere in the winter months doesn’t react as strong to the emission particles as the atmosphere in the warmer, summer months. Therefore, cars don’t have to run as efficiently in the winter, so gasoline suppliers can get by with gasoline that’s a little less purified.

Fun Fact: These processes have been around since the mid 90’s, and have shown to produce great benefits, one of which is a reduction in known pollutants, including carbon monoxide.

The upside of “winter gas” for the consumer is that it comes at a cheaper cost! So, what can we do to save on that slightly pricier gas coming our way for the summer months? Paul recommends we do these 3 things:

  1. Make sure our tires are in good condition and properly inflated.
  2. Always have a fresh engine air filter in place.
  3. Consider having a fuel/air induction cleaning service done at the dealership.

Now you’ll be the most gasoline-educated patron at the pump!

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