Team Honda Week of Service Volunteer Day 2019

June 20th, 2019 by

Frank Leta Honda volunteers at Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis

At Frank Leta Honda, we’re big fans of kids. Dating back from when Grandpa Frank featured all his grandchildren in his Frank Leta Honda commercials (if you haven’t seen them, you MUST check one out here), to today where we have a dedicated playroom and host an annual Donuts with Santa every Christmas, kids make our hearts sing. So, when it came time to choose where to volunteer for this year’s Team Honda Week of Service, it was an easy choice–Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis.

Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis has spent several years inspiring young people to reach their full potential through after-school, teen, sports, and summer programs. They’ve grown to 10 locations across the St. Louis area and select a young person each year as their “Youth of the Year.” The Youth of the Year is chosen based off of several factors, including their commitment to their community, school, and Boys and Girls Club. We’re so proud of everything Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis does, which is why we’ve partnered with them to provide a car to their Youth of the Year each year!

Fast forward to Team Honda Week of Service week in June, we drove down to Adam’s Park (one of the 10 Boys and Girls Club locations) and spent the day hanging out with the kids!

Frank Leta Automotive Group Director of Marketing, Joe Brown, said, “As a parent to two little ones, I have an even greater appreciation for everything Boys and Girls Club does for their members. It was amazing to witness their work firsthand. I just hope the kids had as memorable and fun of a time as I had!”


From arts and crafts, to dance parties, to just sitting and listening to their stories, our staff left Adam’s Park that day with bigger hearts than we walked in with. 

Frank Leta Acura Reconditioning Manager, Josh Simitjis, said, “Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life. My mother taught me to always give back to the community, so anytime I can help an organization like Boys and Girls Club, I always will. Being a part of the Leta organization, who always volunteers and helps the community, makes me feel honored to work for them, and I’ll always remember our day with the kids at BGC.”

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